Terrence & Emma Mullings

Terrence & Emma Mullings 

Aussies, Content Creators, tv and radio presenters, musicians. we love god, we love people, our passion is helping you live a better story. we are about to move our family of 6 (including two babies) to another country and plant a church. follow all the fun!

Terrence and Emma podcast

Our Podcast 

This podcast is all about relationships and seeing things…differently.

Married over ten years, 4 kids, and total opposites.  Enjoy the Terrence and Emma podcast.  A journey of marriage, love and laughter with a load of lessons!  Learning to celebrate the difference in life and love.  Here's to living a better story in marriage, parenting and it may just improve your sex life.


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Terrence: Most things
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Our Church Plant


C3 HIStory Makers Church is launching in South Florida in 2020. HISTORY MAKERS is all about HIM - JESUS. HE is the author and finisher of all of our stories (Hebrews 12:2). Our vision is to see everyone become like JESUS - HOLY, HEALTHY, HAPPY and bringing HEAVEN TO EARTH. Come and discover your part in HIS story and together we can make HISTORY


Terrence Mullings

Terrence is a pastor at C3 Church Sydney. Previously he oversaw the TV department at C3 Oxford falls and still does additional work as a TV producer, actor and TV presenter. He is a university graduate with a triple major from Sydney University. Terrence is a great encourager and lover of people, and his passion is to help people step unto the pages of God's Story and discover what makes them #Divinelydifferent. After living in Miami for a few years as a child, Terrence has always had it on his heart to one day return, to LIVE in and LOVE on the city of Miami

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Emma Mullings 

Emma works as a Radio host on Sydney's HOPE 103.2FM in Australia and is a regular TV presenter on Aussie TV screens. She is a recording artist as well as a C3 Bible College, Music and Journalism graduate. Emma has served in leadership at C3 Church for the past 12 years. Emma’s life story is one of God’s restoration, coming from a background of brokenness and trauma to discovering freedom and life in Jesus at the age of 23. Emma’s heart is to see all people walk in the freedom, healing and restoration that only Jesus can bring.

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